Littleton Chronicles

The Littleton Chronicles are set in another of the worlds of the Multiverse. The Great Mother Goddess and her Daughters oversee this world on the metaphysical plane, while demonic entities seduced by greed attempt to subvert the Mother’s power and steal it for their own. Magic is subtle and largely hidden, though events will soon bring it back to the forefront of the world.

The small Appalachian town of Littleton, NC, is one of the power portals of the North American continent. Laura Sanders and Sam Webster have known each other for years, but when both end up in Littleton for their senior year of high school, they discover their soulmate bond and their magical powers together. As the next twenty years unfold, they endure separation, pain, and loneliness until they are reunited, reforge their bond, and, together with their chosen family, form a magical force that the world has never seen before.

Content warning: this series contains graphic and explicit sex, unconventional relationships, graphic violence, and descriptions of sexual assault and torture.

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