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Succubus: Book One

Succubus One
Succubus begins the story of The Fall following eighteen-year-old Rebecca Mercer through her discovery that she is a succubus. Someone has already written her destiny, but she does not believe in the path set before her. She is guided through her growth by a general of the demon armies, Lilith, the first woman and succubus, the Old Gods, and her lover Francis Cubis, a fully mature incubus.

Succubus: Book Two

Succubus Two
In Succubus: Book Two, the storm clouds darken, leading into an unknown future for Rebecca and Francis, showing us new friends and challenges and how they face them. You will meet some old friends and find some new enemies.

Blood of Patriots

Blood of Patriots
Blood of Patriots runs in parallel with Succubus: Book Two, looking at the same critical events from the view of the U.S. Army in Washington D.C. and Central Minnesota.