Chronicles of the Republic

This series is set in a world still recovering from an apocalyptic asteroid strike fifty years previously. Magic, once hidden, has returned, and mythical creatures and demons roam the planet. The Republic of America is what remains of the United States, now fifteen mostly independent regions tied together only by their geographic associations.

Daniel Falmouth has been elected to the Republic Senate, placing him among the fifty most powerful people in the Republic. Sadly, two weeks before the election, his wife was killed in an automobile accident, leaving his two children motherless. With an impending move to the Republic Capital in Denver, he must balance his responsibilities as a Senator with those of a father.

As he interviews for au pairs, he finds his soulmate, a younger woman who is everything he needs. In the process of binding their souls, he discovers that this woman is a sorceress and that he is a sorcerer.

There are signs that all is not well in Denver, and Daniel sets his mind toward removing the corruption that has flourished without check in the nation’s capital. To do that, he will need the help of his soulmate and her coven to form a mighty central pillar of magical power around which the metaphysical community can rally when it comes time to fight.

Content warning: this series contains graphic, explicit sex, unconventional relationships, graphic violence, and descriptions of off-stage rape.

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