Origin of the Multiverse

In the beginning, there was the Mother Universe, encompassing everything. It had existed for an infinite number of years and would continue for at least that much longer. The beings in that universe had evolved endless times until they existed only as pure thought. And they grew bored.

As they gathered, a debate passed through the beings.

‘What is our purpose?’

‘Our purpose is to exist.’

‘Is that all?’

‘What else is there?’

‘We could create.’

‘Create what? We have already created everything and watched it turn to dust.’

‘We have never created another universe.’

Silence lasting a millennium passed through the beings as they pondered the possibilities.

‘We could each create a universe inside the Mother Universe and judge who created the best.’

‘Who would judge our creations?’

‘We would create a race of beings to be the overseers and judges of our creations.’

And so it was that the multiverse came to be. In each universe, a singular being called Om Nescent oversaw its creation.

§ § §

The Om Nescent served as the ultimate overseers, watching over its creation, ensuring that the laws of physics and the fundamental constants remain stable and consistent across all universes. But as each multiverse evolved, they quickly found it difficult to watch over every single event, especially once life formed on the scattered worlds. Thus, the Om Nescents created the race of Nare Rattors from the leftover matter scattered between the individual universes to watch over a separate universe. Each universe had a pair of Nare Rattors, one male and one female.

But as each Om Nescent was unique, so were the Nare Rattors. The Om Nescent gave the Nare Rattors a set of rules and guidelines to follow, ensuring that they maintained the stability and consistency of their respective universes while also allowing for the emergence of life and the evolution of sentient beings. And while the Nare Rattors served a specific purpose, they each had free will, desires and motivations, and their own living existence.

Until life in their universe reached sapience, the Nare Rattors were essentially immortal. However, once life conceived the idea of ‘I think, therefore I am,’ the Nare Rattors in each universe turned mortal with all its drawbacks. However, they could choose to reincarnate or work from ‘beyond the grave.’