The Team

The Storytellers


Michael Aurelius is a semi-retired manufacturing optician. He reads an incredible amount of science fiction and fantasy. At some point, the characters started encouraging Mike to write. The rest, as they say, is invented history.

Lady Blue

Julia Benson-Slaughter is a retired computer science professor who met Mike in an online glassworking forum. After reading Mike’s early version of the story, she demanded more. Then she said, “Dude, you need an editor.” When the characters started talking to her as well, more history was invented. She is also a hand drummer and jewelry artisan; you can see her work at Noctua Designs.

The Artist

Nadica Boshkovska

Nadica Boshkovska is a digital artist living and working in Macedonia. Thanks to the Internet, Mike ran across her work and commissioned her to create the cover for his first book, Tales of Allotrope. Since then she’s created all the covers (print, e-book, and audio book) for the Chronicles of the Covenant series. You can see more of her work at Deviant Art.