The Change

Loki attempted to sabotage the Great Weapon but was foiled by Catheusis, who instead turned the intended total destructive force towards a more singularly focused destruction of the Veil that was placed by YHVH to keep magic from humanity.

Katherehtak always intended to gently and slowly lower the Veil after the removal of YHVH from power, thereby allowing humanity to gradually become accustomed to the return of magic to the world. Instead, the destruction of the Veil brought forth what became known as The Change. It was noticed by every living person on Earth as a strong earthquake accompanied by a rumbling sound as if a heavily laden train was speeding past your house. An additional feature of The Change was that certain people who had the potential for magic saw a flash of light that temporarily blinded them. These people became known as “sparks.”

Some, children especially, were shunned or abandoned, others sought people like themselves.

The other effect that The Change had was to set the stage for the appearance of magical creatures. Some appeared shortly after The Change, others took decades or centuries to appear. Others were mutated by The Change from normal beings and creatures.

The Change affected the mundane followers of YHVH in inverse proportion to their belief. The rabid believers, whether out of fear, greed, or pride (or a combination) were greatly affected, while those who regarded their religion as “do it because it’s the culturally accepted thing to do” were affected to a much lesser degree, possibly only minimally.

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