Succubus Book One

Succubus: Book One

The Fall of Civilization could not be traced to one single cause. Instead, it accumulated through centuries of war, famine, hate, and faith lost in fellow beings. As the Fall accelerated, nation-states fought each other, then cities fought cities. Near the end, the fighting came down to household against household. Finally, when the last bullet was fired, the remaining survivors came out of their bunkers, looked at what remained, and vowed not to make the same mistakes as their predecessors made. Succubus begins the story of The Fall following eighteen-year-old Rebecca Mercer through her discovery that she is a succubus. Her destiny has already been written, but she does not believe in the path set before her. She is guided through her growth by a general of the demon armies, Lilith, the first woman and succubus, the Old Gods, and her lover Francis Cubis, a fully mature incubus. The story starts at the beginning of time itself, through today, and into tomorrow. Not everyone is who they say they are, and surprises lurk ahead for Rebecca and Frank trying to navigate their Paths to the future.

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