Places in The Mists

Demon Pits – Part of the Demon Realms in Planck Time/Space. Inspiration for Dante’s version of Hell. Demons and, occasionally, humans are sent here for ‘re-education.’

Demon Realms – the place in Planck Time/Space where demons live. Some types of demons prefer to live with their own “kind” (ice, fire, etc.) and gather in one area. It is a general term for the area where all the demons live.

The Eternal City – area of Planck Time/Space where the souls of sentient beings reside after death while they await the Final Battle. It was created by Bokkir the Woodsmith using The Halo of Dotr after its recovery from Loki.

Halls of the Svartalven – Underground home of the Svartalven.

Plains of Megiddo – site of the Battle for Heaven, in which YHVH (The One God) was overthrown and his palace destroyed.

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