Adam’s first wife, and mother of all modern demons. She was expelled from the Garden of Eden when she would not submit to Adam, in her words, ‘Adam wouldn’t let me be on top.’ Later, when she returned to the Garden, she found Eve in Adam’s bed. The next day, she disguised herself as Eve, laid with Adam, stole his ‘seed’, and used it to create the first of the modern demons.

She is petulant, overbearing, demanding, and the original bad-girl wild-child.

Rebecca Cubis describes her as:

A tall woman walked in the door, dressed in transparent grey silk. Rebecca could see a pair of wings folded up against her back, and a serpent’s tail was coiling down her right leg. Her right arm was covered in a leather rerebrace that ended at the elbow, extended down her forearm in spiral straps to a leather gauntlet with the fingers removed. Her left wrist was covered only by a leather bracelet adorned with jewels.

Katherehtak gestured at Rebecca. Lilith turned, and Rebecca was able to see her entire body. She was slim and trim with narrow hips and long legs. Dark, nearly black hair, threaded with silver, was coiled up on top of her head, held in place with loops of pearls, the excess hair cascaded down her shoulders and over the tops of her breasts in soft curls. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Rebecca’s and capped with erect pink nipples. Her skin was dusky white and covered in mystic Kabbalistic symbols up to her chin line. Curtained by her hair, her face was plain and unadorned, but her eyes were magnetic. Bright blue irises dominated everything else.

When I was writing Lilith, I did a lot of research delving into the Hebraic mysteries as well as the myths and legends about the “first” succubus. In amongst all that, I found a statue that Luis and Romulo Royo had created, posted on his website.

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