From the authors

Lady Blue and I wish to make it clear that The Chronicles of the Covenant are works of fiction and fantasy, and in no form or way represent any ideology or form of government that we would like to see occur.

These books are written for adults and have a hard “R” rating. They contain graphic sex and extremely graphic violence including torture scenes.

Fervently religious people are cautioned that this book’s content may cause extreme discomfort and/or rage.

Ex-Air Force service members are also cautioned that they may not like certain scenes in this book. But, if you happen to find something incorrect, please see the note about errata below.

Errata: If you find something that you think is technically wrong in any of the books, please let us know via e-mail. Please don’t post a massive flame comment about something that is W.R.O.N.G. because it might just be something that we fudged on purpose, either because we were unable to verify actual factual information or we needed a deus ex machina to make the story flow better.

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