Day: April 28, 2022



Adam’s first wife, and mother of all modern demons. She was expelled from the Garden of Eden when she would not submit to Adam, in her words, ‘Adam wouldn’t let me be on top.’ Later, when she returned to the Garden, she found Eve in Adam’s bed. The next day, she disguised herself as Eve, …

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The Change

Loki attempted to sabotage the Great Weapon but was foiled by Catheusis, who instead turned the intended total destructive force towards a more singularly focused destruction of the Veil that was placed by YHVH to keep magic from humanity. Katherehtak always intended to gently and slowly lower the Veil after the removal of YHVH from …

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Places in The Mists

Demon Pits – Part of the Demon Realms in Planck Time/Space. Inspiration for Dante’s version of Hell. Demons and, occasionally, humans are sent here for ‘re-education.’ Demon Realms – the place in Planck Time/Space where demons live. Some types of demons prefer to live with their own “kind” (ice, fire, etc.) and gather in one …

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M1126 ICV Stryker

M1126 ICV “Stryker”

The Infantry Carrier Vehicle provides protected transport and, during a dismounted assault, supporting fire for the infantry squad. The Stryker is a full-time four-wheel drive, selectively eight-wheel drive, armored vehicle weighing approximately 19t, carrying an infantry squad with their equipment. On paved roads, the vehicle can attain speeds of 62 miles per hour (100 km/h) without a governor and 35 miles per hour (56 km/h) …

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